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                                                          To begin                          


First read the information below. Then Contact me by phone,

email, or text for a free brief consultation:                                             


                           360 733-4502



Based on mutual agreement I will reserve for you a weekly

appointment time. You can pay on the following basis:


Private therapy for mood, anxiety, addiction problems

per 50-minute session:                                                                                         $170

Couple counseling/coaching per 50-minute session:                        $200


Because with addictions and with couples therapy an

organized curriculum is most effective, it is recommended

that you secure  an initial 5-session block:

                                                        Couples/5-sessions:*                                     $900

                                                       Addiction treatment/5-sessions:**      $765

For couples counseling, the curriculum includes:

  •  history of your relationship

  • identification of the source of specific problems

  • education about what makes relationships work or fall apart

  •  goal setting

  • training in the specifics of what not to do

  • training in the assertive problem-solving strategy for couples including a focus on the most powerful communication tools. The curriculum is tailored to each couple and can be redirected at any time.

**  For addiction problems the curriculum includes:               

  • individual assessment with identification  of causes and goals

  • identification of options

  • education about the biology of addiction

  • education about the psychology of addiction

  • identification and strategies for individualized recovery in life areas going forward:     

                            -health and fitness


                            -leisure/recreational pursuits

                            -emotional recovery


  • Relapse prevention


Other services            


Spinal Cord Stimulator or bariatric surgery

required psychological assessment:                                                           $400



Initial assessment with appropriate reports:                                        $240

Follow-up re-evaluation (required) with reports:                              $160


Payment is due at the time of each therapy session. Credit card is preferred but you may pay by check.

It is possible that your insurance company will reimburse some of your expenses.  However, I will be considered an “out-of-network” provider. If you like, I will provide you with a monthly statement that you can submit to your insurance company; however, you (not your insurance company) are responsible for full payment of fees. 

Note:  As a rule, insurance companies will not pay for services that are not based on a diagnosed mental illness. Therefore, couples counseling is not covered in insurance policies. And it is unethical and illegal to see couples and bill a diagnosis for one of the individuals.

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