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                                             Liberation from addictions


            With more than four decades of working and teaching in the addiction treatment field and being honored to have seen thousands of clients struggling with substance use problems, it is a topic near and dear to my heart.  It is something I feel compelled to stay on top of.  For example, I have just completed a revision of my book called The New Template for Recovery: How to Launch an Awesome Life with Sobriety, and I am the clinical supervisor at Clairity Mental Health and Recovery Services in Bellingham, Washington.


           If you have been struggling with alcohol or other drug use, or any addictive behavior, did you know:

  • There are many routes to recovery?  Finding the one or one(s) that work for you is the key.

  • Although you must be responsible for overcoming your problem, you are not to

         blame for having it. Even though this is counterintuitive, I’m pretty sure I can                     prove to you the truth of your innocence.


  • Quitting seems at first a sacrifice, but recovery will prove to be a liberation--a launchpad to becoming the person you were meant to be or want to be.


  • Quitting and recovery are two different things. Quitting is about initial abstaining.  Recovery is about seizing the opportunity to rebuild your life your way.


  • There are two addictions: physical and psychological. The psychological one is the toughest to overcome.


  • There are several recoveries that can make your life better than you ever imagined. Depending on the person there can be recovery of health and fitness, relationships, career pathways, leisure pursuits, living place, emotional, financial, and spiritual recovery.


What I offer


          I start with an assessment to help us decide what you need.  In some cases what you need may be helping you get started on a plan that does not involve anything I have to offer.


          If you and I decide that what I have to offer is right for you we can design a sequence of sessions that will cover the most important things to learn and the most powerful tools to achieve success in your recovery. Check the fees page to see how this works.

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